5 Years

This week we're celebrating our 5th anniversary. When I think about the jobs we've had, places we've lived and friends we've made in the past 5 years it feels so much longer! But thinking back to the day we tied the knot in my parents' barn, it seems like it couldn't possibly have been 5 years ago already. (I mean, am I not still perky and 22?)

Now, 5 years later, that dimpled groom and I are eagerly waiting for this little baby we made to get her tiny hiney moving so she can join the party any day now. (Yes, still pregnant over here!) Marriage isn't always easy--and I'm sure parenting will have many challenges too--but I got me a great husband and I'm so excited for our daughter, that lucky little lady who gets to have him as her dad.

Lots to celebrate, always!


  1. EK&S:

    Stop, you're making me weepy. I never told you, but Janie and I like, and was very impressed with your choices for wedding location.
    Congratulations on 5 and all the rest that follow. Keep Jesus in the forefront of your lives and your marrage will prosper.


  2. Happy Anniversary!! I got married at 22 as well and sometimes feel like I've both been married "forever" (8 years) and no time at all. So excited for baby 3820. :)

  3. Such a gorgeous couple! Happy anniversary!

  4. wow...can't believe it's been 5 years already. and YES YOU ARE STILL PERKY AND 22!

  5. hee hee, you said tiny hiney!


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