Baby quilt and matching sweetness

My mother-in-law finished the baby's quilt a few days ago, and I just love how it turned out! My initial color scheme was dark plum and coral, but JoAnn Fabrics didn't have much to choose from in plum when we went to buy fabrics. We picked a bunch of different shades of purple instead, and it turned out so happy-looking it just makes me smile.

It's extremely girly, but not in a typical baby-girl kind of way. It's fun and eclectic, which was what I was hoping for. I've always loved quilts, and it makes me want to make some myself.

My sister-in-law Jen wanted to make some pieces for the baby that matched, so she found the multi-colored floral fabric at her local JoAnn and made two sweet things that she gave me over the weekend. The first is a little tag blanket with lots of different soft ribbons for the chickadee to play with.

The second piece is a smaller blanket, with a handy ribbon loop for hanging, sized for a car seat or stroller. Both items she made are backed with organic, undyed flannel. (If you read my previous rant about the difficulty in finding undyed bedding, you'd know how happy this made me!)

Pretty much everything else in the baby's room is white, wood or otherwise neutral, so these pieces bring some crazy vibrant color to the room. I still need to hang some pictures, the curtain rod, the curtain and the mobile, but these details aren't all that urgent. I'll share the pictures once I get around to it.

I'm just a couple days away from my due date, and I'm feeling ready except that S is still very sick. He very rarely gets sick -- and never for this long, or to the point of missing any work -- so this has been a particularly tough week for him. (And for me too, because I have to keep my distance during a time when all this suspense is intensifying my need for hugs.) Though I'm ready for the baby to be here, I definitely don't want to go into labor until S is better. So I've been taking it as easy as possible, while I desperately want to be doing things. Like climbing up on stools to hang curtain rods in the baby's room.

In due time...


  1. I understand your anxiety, I'm 6+months far along now and it's killing me
    Love the blanket and everything, the crib, oh, the crib!

  2. It is perfect. So gorgeous. I also feel a little trapped in the preggo body. Want to go and do.

  3. Sweetness indeed! I love love love it/everything. Your family members are so talented! I'm with you on the commercialized baby gear...it's not for me either. Too much money is spent on that stuff.


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