Big Day: Inspections

Today is a pretty big behind-the-scenes day at 3820. We're having the final plumbing, electric and framing inspections done in the kitchen and laundry room. We're not necessarily expecting full approvals on everything, as that's a pretty unusual feat, but we're hoping to pass with flying colors so we can keep moving forward!

(Side note: I am drinking water [and peeing] like crazy because, allegedly, being super hydrated can keep labor from coming... We're SO close to having those few essential kitchen/laundry conveniences hooked up that I really want to hold off a little longer!)

The electrical company is also coming today to take down the overhead power line and connect our buried line to the house. Provided that we pass the electrical inspection, we should have electricity in the kitchen today! Sadly none of the outlets or light fixtures are hooked up yet, but probably by the weekend.

I will check back with an update when S lets me know the results of the inspections.

UPDATE: The plumbing inspection passed! However the electrical inspector never showed up (how rude!), and you can't get a framing inspection without approvals on both plumbing and electrical... so that one didn't happen either. Hopefully Thursday.

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