Concrete Evidence

Our new kitchen floor is so shiny that it's quite hard to photograph. It's like a sleek and beautiful skating rink -- well, one with muddy footprints already tracked all over it. (Seriously -- who did that? I thought things were supposed to be getting more civilized around here. This is why we can't have nice things!)

Anyway, footprints notwithstanding, I am THRILLED. This was a major, major development at 3820. We have been anticipating this floor for, well, years... and it looks amazing. The variegated shades of gray are just what I hoped for. Unfortunately they don't show up well in these photos, but you can trust me on it. Or just come over and see for yourself! (Just give me enough notice to scrub the floor before you arrive. And bring your rollerskates!)

I think the floor makes it feel like a totally different room. Actually, I think the difference is that it now feels more like a room.

FYI the log wall still needs to be stained and chinked. The faux barn door S recently built (above) is actually covering the hole of the original cabin's original front door. (The house was reconfigured MANY times in the past 125-150 years.) The faux door will be stained to match the logs. We considered using log veneers to make it look as though that doorway were never there, but we don't have any veneers left and this is a piece of the house's history. We can always come back and close it off very easily if we change our minds someday.

The final electrical and plumbing inspections are scheduled for Tuesday. If we get the approvals, we can insulate and close up the walls and ceiling! Then it will really look (and function!) like a room. I can't wait to get all the appliances and lights and everything all hooked up. We probably won't completely "finish" the kitchen in the next few weeks, but it will at least have the basics up and running.

YES. YES YES YES. Big smiles all around!


  1. Ah, brilliant! I love the floor, and I am so excited to see how the room shapes up over the next few weeks! :D

  2. EK:

    Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Nice floor, complete with drain. You must be flipping out about it. The door too is good. My rule goes something like: "If it can't be hidden correctly, accent it."
    You guys have made a nice choice in accenting the doorway because old wood is so difficult to match, and your logs are so very old.
    I can see an antique metal sign hanging high up on your fireplace, can you?
    Thanks for the blog alert, made my day.


  3. Thanks Aarthi!!! Me too.

    Mel -- I am definitely brainstorming exactly what will be hung on that fireplace! An old sign immediately came to mind... or an old piece of kitchen gadgetry... a painting... my eyes are peeled for just the right thing!

    We used up all our veneers (made from our own house's old logs) for fixing other parts where the logs were damaged. Buying veneers made from similar old logs would be a little pricey right now even though we "know a guy." You're right -- you just can't fake old wood, and that's why that would be a project for later, if we even decide we want to do it. If we had leftover veneers lying around, we'd have done it for sure.

  4. Now that is a beautiful floor! MUCH better than the pit of despair that used to be there :-) I love that you guys are patient enough to take things slow and do it right - the end result is absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to see walls! :-)

  5. YAY! Looks great. All this progress in the last couple of weeks/months. Looks like nesting is working for you guys. :)
    We had the plumbing inspection today, framing & electrical on Tuesday...then insulation and closing up walls. Will be so nice to have a real kitchen again (though I know you've gone MUCH longer without one). Can't wait to see the finished room.

  6. the floor looks gorgeous! Perfect for this kitchen. Since you blog about your progress have you considered contacting one of the log home materials companies for a discounted price for the stain and caulk? (Sansin, Sashco, PermaChink?)

  7. Floor!!!! Looks amazing! Congrats!


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