Oh yes we did

Even though the comments about putting a metal roof on the kitchen bump-out generally were not very flattering or positive (even the ones that were in favor of it!), we did it anyway. Because it's our house, and no one can stop us! (Well, except God and the permit office.)

Because only a small handful of you comment, I really have no idea what the vast majority are thinking and what compels you to visit our little disaster every day. So generally I just throw posts out there and see what happens, because this is just a blog about an inconsequential house renovation. I'm not trying to make money, attract a certain number of readers, display my (imaginary) expertise or teach anyone anything. I'm just journaling what we're up to, and I think it's so fun that so many people have shown interest.

That said, I'm extremely grateful for everyone who reads along and especially for the loyal cheerleaders and friends I've made along the way, but on occasion I do wonder if I'd be better off if I didn't have this blog. I don't really care what strangers think when they drive by the house, and the same is generally true for the blog. However, I have caught myself a couple times wondering what the collective "you" would think if I made decision X vs. decision Y, and that felt extremely lame and immature -- not to mention limiting. In fact, I almost didn't post this update because I know some of you would quietly shake your heads in disapproval of our decision about the roof... which was a big, flashing warning light to me that this blog was enabling me to be stupid and shallow. Yuck!

Then I remembered that the reason I started this blog was to keep our families and friends updated on our progress since we're all a bit scattered, and I would hate to cut off that connection. I sometimes have thoughts of blogging about other things, random things -- more important things -- and just posting house updates along the way. More and more I think I'm leaning that direction. I guess we'll see.

The bottom line is that I appreciate you, and I appreciate your comments (both positive and negative, truly!) and I think blogging is fun. But I will never make a renovation decision or undertake a DIY project or scrounge up content just for the sake of having something to put on the blog. That's when the fun ends for me -- and heaven knows this house can be enough of a killjoy that I don't need self-induced blog angst to go with it. This blog is either going to be a fun outlet for me, or it's getting deleted!

So, with this renewed perspective, the blog lives another day!

And also we have a shiny metal roof to keep the rain from rotting our new kitchen. Victory!


  1. Congrats on the metal roof. I don't even remember if I commented on that, but I am generally a fan of metal roofs. As for the blogging thing - I agree that sometimes you get caught up in "what do my readers want me to talk about/see?" and then you have to laugh and remind yourself that you're not Young House Love or trying to support yourself with this blogging thing and just have fun with it.
    I love reading your posts, even if we sometimes have different ideas on design - still fun to see the progress!

  2. Never commented before, so hello! While the content of a blog is obviously important, I think the writer's voice is what ultimate keeps people reading. I think no matter the direction your blog goes in or the design decisions you make, I will read because I relate to your voice. Good luck with everything-I just had my second baby two months ago...you're about to have the time of your life!

  3. Jen - so funny you mention YHL... I could never be them! They seem to be either blogging or working on a project for their blog 24/7. I'd collapse in a week! They are some dedicated people. However, it's sometimes creepy to me how their fans can be SO loyal and supportive. They could dump a can of paint on the sidewalk by accident and they'd have 200 commenters telling them it looks fabulous. When I dump a can of paint on the sidewalk, the results are not so glamorous -- a definite reality check!

    Annie -- thanks for the kind words! It's nice to meet you. :-)

  4. So I typically never comment on blogs - I love reading them, I'm just horrible at actually saying anything (mostly because I think my opinion isn't important - they don't know me, so why would they care what I say?) And also it's weird and creepy to try to introduce yourself in a comment - it makes me feel like a stalker - I know all about you, but you don't know me. Weird.

    Anyways, all that to say that I actually like the metal roof! I obviously didn't throw in my two cents when you asked for opinions. I really like it and I'm glad you went with what you actually like. It's your house and you like your metal roof. That's all that matters!

    And to make this comment even longer, I'm glad you decided to still blog. I enjoy reading yours - though I don't remember how I found your blog (I think from your wedding pictures featured on another blog? Maybe?) So yeah, thanks for still blogging so that I can see what you're doing with the house - I love seeing renovations from start to finish! And since I've never commented, congrats on the baby - I'm happy for you!

  5. Emily, we started our blog for the same reason, to keep family in the loop. Ours live across the country and their is something so nice about knowing that our parents and friends checking in on us every day.

    And I agree, it does feel weird to know that people read and judge, though my experience has been mostly positive.

    I am glad to "know" you, share pregnancy and house remodeling with you. So So keep it up. Please.

  6. I don't think I've ever commented but I do read every update.
    I'm in the other side of the world (Buenos Aires, Argentina), I'm an architecht and I'm super curious to see what common people do in different cultures. In this case, I'm crazy jealous with envy about the available materials you people can access. I don't think you realize but many of the things you can buy or rent in a Home Depot are considered high tech building in other areas of the globe.

    Anyway, love your house, love the metal roof, love the combination of reno and pregnancy (I'm living under similar circunstances, so that's a plus).

  7. Thanks for introducing yourself Alie! And Meghan -- it's definitely cool sharing the pregnancy and remodeling with you! :-)

    Marie, what a neat perspective! With the job I have (international health) I am acutely aware of the amazing resources that we have here compared to what others have around the world -- at least from an extreme perspective (i.e. what many of us have in the US vs. a place like South Sudan, not necessarily somewhere like Buenos Aires though.) That's one reason why I try not to complain TOO much about not having a kitchen or a lot of conveniences--because I still have WAY more than most people in the world, and the availability of EVERYTHING here (from food to medicines to building materials) is just unreal. However most of my knowledge is regarding health care; I would love to learn more about this in relation to building and construction. You've sparked my interest!

  8. That makes perfect sense my friend! All I can tell you is that it's really fun to see you guys undergo this project and all of the progress etc :) Am I more excited to ready about pregnancy/baby things? Well... yes haha. But I do my blog for the same purpose that you are doing this one- to get everything out that is on my mind so that one day I can look back and read it. I want it to be out there because I forget things way too easily. In the process, if friends and family enjoy it too- awesome!

  9. I'm sorry if the comments didn't seem very supportive. I was really just waffling myself, and meant to seem more confused than helpful. I am feeling a little guilty, because I never meant to seem unsupportive of your own decisions.

    I think you are right on - you have to make the decisions that are right for you. I get lots of comments on our blog about things we "should" do to make our house "better." Usually, I just roll my eyes. Sometimes, it irritates me. And other times it hurts my feelings. That's the blessing and curse of blogging. It's great to get feedback, but sometimes you really don't want it. ;)

  10. Okay - and I totally didn't mean to say that you didn't want it, I'm just speaking for me.

    Shutting up now.

  11. Kim!!! No guilt needed!!! I ask for feedback and actually genuinely enjoy reading people's opinions, even (and sometimes especially) if they are completely different from mine. I know my decisions don't jive with everyone's opinions, and they shouldn't -- because we all have our own taste!

    I even specifically asked for feedback on that roof decision because I knew there would be very differing opinions. So the comments really didn't bother me in the least.

    The thing that bothered me was my own hesitance to share the update since I knew it wasn't some people's taste. I've only ever had 1 or 2 comments that were rude and made me feel kind of bad, so there was no reason for me to feel that I would be judged for posting it -- and that is when I started feeling like this blogging thing was a bother that I imposed on myself.

    But then I put myself in check, and it was all good. :-)

  12. First of all, you said it best: it's your house and you can (and should!) choose to do as you wish with it! The only person whose opinion you should be considering is any Future Potential Buyer person, and even they may not matter very much at all. ;)

    Second, while I myself am not a fan of metal roofs, there are plenty of people who are: http://diy.stackexchange.com/questions/1954/what-are-the-pros-and-cons-of-steel-vs-aluminum-metal-roofing-for-a-suburban-hom

    Third, I like reading your blog because you're so honest about what you're doing and how you feel about it. Don't change that!


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