Poor S!

It's been a slow week for house progress... We're waiting for one very pokey framing inspector to finally show up after a week of blowing us off, and I have one very sick husband at home who could barely get out of bed to take out the trash this morning. (And heaven knows I can barely get myself out of the house at this point.)

When I left this morning, he had a 103.2 fever was wearing his bright red union suit (complete with butt flap) that he usually wears only in the winter. And he was still shivering in our non-air-conditioned house. In August.

Feel better S! This is no way to spend your birthday, our anniversary or the last days before the baby comes!

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  1. Poor S indeed! Maybe his body knows he's about to get schooled with a new baby so it's getting all the sickness out early? :)
    Hope you're doing okay too! Hang in there!
    (PS - we're waiting on an HVAC guy that was supposed to be here 2 hours ago...doesn't he know that I'm dying to take a hot shower??)


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