Weekend Update

Happy Monday! So this is what it looks like to be a couple days shy of "full term." While in theory I could deliver at any time, I could also very well keep growing for another 4 weeks. That could get pretty interesting in the general abdominal area. I'm not sure where my lungs would go as they're already pretty well balled up in the corner of my ribcage. I have very few articles of clothing that fit now, which is liberating in a way -- fewer options to waffle over each morning.

I wanted to completely finish the dresser project over the weekend, but that was wishful thinking... Among the many other things he got accomplished this weekend, S (what a guy!) did get it all stripped and sanded for me, so now it's my turn to don my mask/gloves/full body armor and get to work in the evenings. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm itching to have it crossed off the list.

What did I do instead of dresser rehab, you ask?

No Maryland summer is complete without an afternoon spent sitting around, picking crabs. It's a very messy and barbaric undertaking, but once you get that first taste of sweet backfin it's just so hard to stop! So when S's grandmother called and said she had a couple bushels of fresh ones, I dropped the hazmat suit and the paint can and picked up a plastic bib and mallet instead.

The weekend wasn't a total loss though, productivity-wise: the plumbing and radiant flooring tubing are finished in the kitchen! Everything is all set for our final concrete floor pour, which is supposed to happen sometime this week. Like I said, at least S got everything checked off his To Do list this weekend.

(In my defense, I did quite helpfully mow the lawn on the riding mower, which I'm sure raised some eyebrows among the neighbors, like much of what we do. But don't worry, my doctor said it's fine!)

How was your weekend?


  1. Looking forward to seeing the completed dresser, as well as the kitchen floor - and of course the baby! So much to look forward to! :-)

  2. You are such an adorable pregnant lady! Look at that bump! And I think I would rather handle the crabs than refinishing a dresser. :)
    I scraped walls of 90 years worth of paint & wallpaper. Surprisingly satisfying work.

  3. EK:

    I heard on the news this morning that you were out in the Atlantic spinning around. Was that really you?


  4. Agreed. You are super-adorable. And you must be feeling relieved that things are being checked off of the list, I know that I am!

  5. Girl - you look awesome. That's all I really needed you to know.

  6. Thanks guys! I can't complain too much about this pregnancy and I feel pretty good overall, but I'm ready for the steadily growing discomfort to end soon! I guess the desire to be comfortable again is God's way of helping you get over the fear of childbirth.

    Mel, the longer I'm pregnant, the more I identify with a tropical storm threatening to unleash my fury at any moment!

  7. You look awesome! And the house is coming along so well...I for one am in favor of the metal roof over the kitchen. Can't wait to see it (and you!) in person soon!


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