Windows Update

S and John (our carpenter friend) got the top windows put in above the kitchen last weekend. I don't have a lot to say about this right now... but for posterity's sake, here's a picture. There's still so much to do to the exterior before it all comes together, but this is another step closer.

The room above the kitchen, which is kind of a multipurpose master closet and laundry room, now has lots of light coming in, which pleases me thoroughly. I love natural light and would live in an all-glass house if we didn't have any neighbors.

In other news, I am still pregnant -- which is good news right now! Hopefully we can eke out another week before she comes. A functioning laundry room (the #1 thing I want to have done beforehand) is within very close view! Here's hoping for a productive weekend.

Have a good one you guys!


  1. I agree - a functioning laundry room for the babe will be a huge, huge help. :-) Hope baby stays comfortable for a few more days!

  2. i love the look with the windows. like a big smiling face right now. i think that's a good sign. :) good luck with the laundry room and keeping the bun in the oven for a few more days!!

  3. EK:

    Your house has "eyes" now. I like it.
    I see the metal roof too. So much happening!
    Huuummmm laundry - baby ? What's the big deal?


  4. It really does look like a smiling face -- which I didn't want to mention in the post in case people wouldn't be able to look at it any other way! But it should look a bit less smiley (but still hopefully happy!) once the rest of the exterior work is done. I think.

  5. Oh and I wanted to do 3 windows across the top instead of the two eyes, but structurally I wasn't allowed. :-(

  6. EK:

    Who wouldn't let you put three windows? How dare they! I like it two eyes or not. it's a nice break of the flat area above the bumpout.
    Janie and I drove past a log house just last night that had a roof over the front porch and lots of space above without windows. Didn't look right. Yours looks right to me.

    Proportion matters.

  7. Mel: S and the carpenter wouldn't let me have 3 windows because of structural integrity. Having 2 windows aligns the headers and window frames with the bottom window opening so that the wall framing could go all the way to the top. Adding a 3rd window would've compromised the structure by breaking up all the framing. So my awesome plan lost out to structural integrity. A worthy tradeoff I suppose. :)

  8. Heheh, an all-glass house does look nice, though the privacy thing is a big issue. Nevertheless, more natural light coming through the windows is always nice. It just feels so peaceful during a nice day, right? Good luck! The place is definitely going to look better!


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