Driveway progress

It's not a functioning kitchen, but I'll take it. The driveway apron was poured late last week. Here are S and his dad smoothing it out.

For some reason the state made us make it enormous. All of the other driveways on our road are narrow little lanes, but we had to create this wide, grand entrance. It took 9 yards of concrete, which is a lot. But whatever. It's done, approved and ready for use. We plan to plant some trees and stuff around it eventually to make it a bit less in-your-face.

We need some more stone to finish the driveway project, but even now -- despite the muddy spots -- I love being able to drive right up to the front of the house. Even though we still primarily use the back door, it's still a much shorter walk than our old driveway which will soon be bulldozed and forgotten.

So this should get some award for the most boring post ever, but I typed it with one hand while holding Johnnie with the other. Priorities!


  1. Your baby is precious, and your home is starting to look positively cozy! :)

  2. EK:

    First: Aaaaah little hand.

    Second: Your apron apears to be very VERY large!
    As home owners in the building process, you are intitled to a code section for every requirement. You don't have to take the word of some official. His opinion/requirements must be based on something and not just a whim. Don't let them bully you. Ask why, make them show you chapter and verse.

    Third: Aaaaaa little hand!

    Mel - (Code Official for Indiana University)

  3. Thanks Mel! My father-in-law often goes to bat for us with the permit officials when necessary (since he's a contractor and knows many of them) and we've gotten our way many times. In this case, no dice. He's currently trying to get the framing inspections squared away for the kitchen... I need to do a post on the RIDICULOUS things the guy said.

  4. Wowsa. That is a HUGE apron. And we both know concrete's not free. At least it's done now and you're one step closer. At my house today they are jackhammering under my home office to dig up the concrete floor in the basement. Try having a conference call like that. Fun. :)

    PS - I think you can write about paint drying as long as you post little snippets and photos of Johnnie. We're all softies. :)

  5. PSS - umm..I have no idea why I made concrete possessive form. I blame all the jack-hammering.


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