I haven't been spending much time online lately, and you know what? I haven't really missed it much. Maybe there's a lesson there! But I miss you guys and I do want to keep you updated, so here are some little fun facts about what's happening around here.

- Contrary to the photo, Johnnie hates her adorable Jenny Lind bassinet. She'll only sleep for a few minutes in it, I think because it swings -- and even with the pin in place to prevent the swinging, it still jiggles a little bit which is probably not very relaxing. Good thing it was a totally free hand-me-down, because it would be so disappointing to spend a lot of money on a nice piece of baby furniture only to have to replace it with an ugly and surprisingly expensive Pack-n-Play (which we did). We also got this as a gift and she likes it pretty well. Not to heap even more "helpful" advice on all you pregnant ladies, but that's something to think about when preparing the nursery!

- We're going through the baby acne stage. I feel so bad that my crazy hormones are wreaking havoc on her beautiful skin, but apparently there's little you can do to prevent it. In trying to provide some relief for her, a silver lining was that we discovered California Baby Calendula Cream -- which does seem to be working very well, smells amazing (like just-brewed herbal tea) and is completely natural. I've started using it on my face too!

- Nothing very exciting or blog-worthy is happening at the house. We kind of took a project hiatus for the past 4 weeks. S has vowed to start going crazy on the kitchen again next week, but I don't blame him for just wanting to hang out with the baby in his free time. We need a kitchen though, so the show must go on.

- I've been collecting ideas. I spend about 8 hours a day feeding this sweet bottomless pit of a baby, so I have a lot of time to think. Most of my thoughts are the pure nonsense of a sleep-deprived lunatic, but some are passable. Our house is pretty much undecorated, since we've chosen to spend the bulk of our time, effort and money so far on getting the house functional/habitable. Understandably so. Sitting around staring at the empty walls for hours on end though has inspired some ideas that I hope to someday have some time to implement so we can make it a little homier around here. (Step 1 is to move the fridge out of the living room into the kitchen -- brilliant, no?)

Okay that's it for now. My brain power is expended, and this baby needs to be fed. Again. Already! Let's see what's waiting for me on the DVR...


  1. I have been wondering how you are doing. Glad to hear that you have been peaceful and happy. ANd she still is so gorgeous.

  2. I was so happy to find your blog a few months ago. We have a 100 year old house we are trying to get habitable and an 8 week old. Also in the baby acne stage. Thanks for sharing the calendula cream tip!Its awesome to find that Im not the only one in the crazy old-house restoration/new baby phase. I'm sorry for any one-handed typing typos.... and she's ADORABLE! :)

  3. Johnnie and Mommy:

    Sweet sweet sweet. Little Johnnie sleeping on her back, side or tummy? I think tummy sleepers, sleep longer.

    Me? LogBlog withdrawls. I've been hoping you and "S" were piling up suprises for us out here in webland, but baby pictures are ok too.

  4. I'm 33 weeks along and I say amen to your advice: my nursery (pretty much still in the making, since we're also under construction) is a jumble mess of handme downs and repurporsed things.
    I feel that:
    a- babies really can't apreciate decor
    b- you have to live with the reality of the baby for a while to know what works, what doesn't before spending hundreds or thousand of pesos in a brand new piece of furniture

  5. First off baby is so so cute!! I love it when the cover the eyes like that.

    My little one used that rock and play thing too. Be careful though as to much time in it can create a flat spot on the head, it is a pretty hard plastic back and curved. I hated to lose it because he slept so well in it due to reflux.

    Wishing your family all the best!

  6. I had to laugh at "move fridge into kitchen". thanks for brightening my morning! Hope you find time for home-y projects along with snuggling your little one. :-)


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