I guess I am officially in my late twenties. This doesn't bother me at all. I never had any idea what my life would look like at this point, but I've never been sleepier happier.

...Despite the fact that on Monday I happened upon a bona fide hawk flying about in my laundry room (thanks to the lack of soffit that will hopefully be replaced this weekend), and when I got up this morning there was evidence of a mouse invasion all over the living room.

If we're going to have a hawk in the house, I hope he will at least help himself to our rodents.

Thus is the cycle of life, after all.


  1. you know, if I stumbled upon a hawk in my laundry room, I don't think I would be quite as calm as you! happy birthday! I think your life seems pretty swell, so I'd say you're right on track. :)

  2. Oh my. Make sure that hawk doesn't carry away your little one!


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