My beautiful laundrette

What you are witnessing here is the first load of laundry that we've done at home in over 3 years! Incidentally it is also the first time since we got married that we've ever done laundry using our very own personal washer and dryer. No more shared apartment laundry rooms, no more rolls of quarters or laundromats or schlepping our baskets to mom and dad's every Sunday.

In other words, you are witnessing laundry history!

The first load was all Johnnie's stuff -- she's very messy, so she got first dibs since we can neither live (sleep) without her magic swaddle blanket (aka the Halo SleepSack) nor allow her to wear it when it's covered in spit-up.

Clearly the room is not finished. We just needed to get the bones in place and get the machines hooked up so we could keep up with the laundry now that we have an extra family member dirtying things all the time. This little laundry corner will actually be enclosed in its own closet eventually. The wood paneling -- which we'll paint white -- will extend to all the walls and ceiling. It will be sweet!

I also plan to put up some shelving and possibly even a countertop on top of the machines for a better surface for folding clothes. As with the rest of the house, these details will come later since we have a lot of other important basics to focus on. At this point, I'm just thrilled to finally have these babies out of the living room (where they sat for 9 months) and functioning. I don't mind that I have to step over a stack of hardwood flooring and paint cans to get to it.

Clean underwear for everyone tonight!


On an unrelated note: The title of this post is also a rather weird movie I had to watch in the Modern Culture and Media class I took my first semester of college. The class was a major waste of time overall (and I got a B! *frown*), though it was the first time I dipped my toes into Barthes, Derrida and all of those fun and fascinating theorists. Anyway, about this movie. Wearing stripey circus-tent-esque pants, our quirky professor used it to talk about voyeurism in film, and as a process of watching films. Seems like an appropriate subject to consider about blogging and reading blogs too, no?


  1. Yay! It's breath taking :)

    Babies go through some laundry, don't they? I do almost an entire load a day with Landon between his pjs, bibs, burp cloths, blankets and maybe another outfit or 2! As soon as they get spit up on or slobbered on enough, they have to get changed out and washed! It's amazing some of these things haven't fallen apart by now. We did way too much laundry BEFORE baby... now it's just embarassing. It must feel like such a novelty to have them installed and functioning! Yay for things we take for granted way too often until we do not have the luxury of them!!!

  2. EK:

    Yet another advance! Aren't appliances wonderful? We've been washing dishes for three years now. We have a dish washer but haven't used it because the water is so hard. Janie doesn't want the white-lime-skuz all over the dishes. (Neither do I) So until we get a water softener....
    Your laundrette is very nice and clean underware a blessing.

  3. What flooring did you use? I see the interlocking tiles. I'm thinking something like that would be great for my storage area.

  4. So neat! A baby + no laundry = yuck! I made the washer, dryer, & dishwasher "musts" before moving out of my parents house & into our own new-old one. Glad y'all have made such great progress!

  5. Brett -- I asked S for the specifics on the flooring because I wasn't there when he got it, and he said, "rubber floor tiles from Lowe's." Sorry I don't know the specifics but I hope that helps!


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