Red Door

I think I'm in love...

The door desperately needed some TLC to better protect it from the elements, especially with another winter just around the corner, so we hopped to it over the weekend. It was a team effort -- my dad stained the side lights, S primed the door and I painted it. (I actually squeezed in a renovation-related project thanks to a great nap by Ms. Johnniegirl!) It needs another coat or two of paint, which will deepen the color just a little bit since we did not use tinted primer, but I was too excited to wait until it was completely finished to share it with you.

It's the same "Crabby Apple" red color from Sherwin Williams that the board and batten siding will be painted. We considered other colors for the door, including black (the runner-up), but we thought introducing another color would just be too much considering how many other things we have going on with the exterior. (The door itself was not in good enough shape to stain which would've been my first choice. However -- I'm LOVING this red, in case you didn't catch that earlier.)

And yes, in case you weren't around for the big decision-making process last year, the siding really is going to be painted that rich red color too. A bold choice, absolutely, but I think it was the correct and natural one. Keep in mind that we will be adding a porch at some point, so the door itself will not stand out quite as much but will still tie the log side into the board and batten side with the unifying red color. Make sense?

Also, did you notice that rugged framing around the door? S made it from original timbers from the house. I think that is really the icing on this red velvet delight.

Yep, totally butt-crazy in love with it from every angle. I could kiss it.

And I can just see a pretty green wreath hung on it this winter. Yes. Yes. If something can get me excited about winter, we've really nailed it.

I love when ideas like this turn out as we hoped -- it's very motivating to keep going, and it's encouraging that maybe all these ideas we've been stacking up for over 3 years will come together in the end after all.

At any rate, I think we're doing pretty well considering this is where we started:

What do you think?


  1. It's looking amazing!! I bet the people that drive by the house everyday are now suddenly sitting up straighter in their seats trying to get a better look. Things are happening! :) I love the color. We're trying to choose a paint color for our house and I'm really leaning towards red. Can't wait to see what your home looks like all painted and prettied up. :)

  2. OH MY Wow... just looking at the then and now is shocking. You guys have done SOOOO much!!! It's amazing!!

  3. love it
    just got a case of the red door, just by seeing this, i want my own

  4. What a huge change rom bfore to after-so-far! Great color choice!

  5. eek, sorry for the feeding baby caused one handed typing typos.

  6. love. it.
    i think the paint choice is perfect!
    looking absolutely lovely - all of it.


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