Wood plank wall

Lookie what my awesome husband got done on Saturday afternoon! He complained for about 3 seconds that the project was a little more time consuming than expected, but then I reminded him that all we have to do after the boards are up is to paint them! There's no series of mudding, taping and sanding involved as there would be with sheetrock. After just a couple hours, we have a wall that is almost completely done. That's the kind of progress we like!

I'm really pleased with our decision to use wood planking on the walls, because I think drywall would look weird and cheap next to the exposed log. As with our siding, we got the wood from an Amish mill near my hometown in Pennsylvania. It was a pricier decision of course (though buying from the Amish guy is much more affordable than Lowe's), but we wanted to do this right.

After a couple coats of primer, we plan to paint it an off-white a few shades lighter than the chinking between the logs. I want to see the walls primed first before we make any final decisions, but we might even go with the same subtle, creamy shade as our living room walls. (We decided that pure white, my original plan since the beginning, would be too stark.) I think we'll stain the windowsill to match the logs so it will break up that white wall a bit. We'll see.

Though these are vertical instead of horizontal, here's an example of off-white planks that I found on Pinterest, which helped to confirm that it might be a good alternative to pure white:

In the meantime we have one wall down and two more to go before we're ready for paint. Then we install appliances! Wheeee!

Anyone have any suggestions for what our first meal in our new kitchen should be? I'm thinking osso buco -- one of S's specialties.


  1. This is going to look awesome! The planks are so darn cool!

  2. Wow! Love it!! That really is awesome, & so much more home-y than sheetrock would be.

  3. I love the planks. It's going to look so warm. I love the off-white color as well.

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