Johnnie is on fire lately. We're just a couple days shy of her 3 month birthday, and just this week she's really started grabbing her toys (and my hair) with conviction, had her first big girl submerged bath and slept through the night (10pm to 5am) not once but twice. In a row.


Several people told me 12 weeks was the magic number, and that is ringing true for us so far. Our little chickadee is growing up fast. And after two good nights of sleep, I'm starting to feel, and maybe even look, a little closer to my normal self.

This morning, as S was getting her dressed, he was making grunting noises at her and she was grunting right back at him with her honeysweet little voice. It was the cutest. Then we had a small wardrobe skiffle when he said she couldn't wear her Puma tracksuit with her hedgehog shoes because a puma would most certainly eat a hedgehog, spines and all, and therefore the outfit didn't match.

This is getting fun!

Another milestone happening at 3820: S is planning to paint the kitchen today if all goes well. All I can say about that right now is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Note on safety: I don't let her sleep on her stomach at night or at all, unless I'm right next to her literally watching her breathe. She takes great naps on her belly and has demonstrated that she can move her head from side to side as she pleases, but I don't condone or recommend belly sleeping this young unless 100% supervised.


  1. 1- how has it already been 3 months?? I feel like you just had her! I am sure you feel the same way.
    2- you are looking awesome!
    3- painting the kitchen is a huge step! I always feel like the room is practically done once paint is on the walls.
    4- that nasty picture of a huge spider is on your sidebar while I'm typing this comment and I keep getting the shivers. Yuck.

  2. Jen,

    1- Time is FLYING! But at the same time, thinking back to the hospital and the birth seems like ages ago. I love that she's getting more interactive, but she's getting altogether TOO BIG!
    2- Thank you! Some days are better than others...
    3- I totally agree. After that it's all details!
    4- I put it there to remind myself not to take things too seriously.

  3. YOU LOOK AMAZING! And Johnnie is on fire. I love the updates for what is to come!


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