Red Door (Part II)

I put two more coats of Crabby Apple on the front door (um, last month?) It looks much richer, much crabbier. Every time I pull in the driveway I smile at its appliciousness. I also installed the door handleset and deadbolt all by myself. It required drilling precise holes and meticulously chiseling out the notches for the strikeplates. Oh, and deciphering instructions whose diagrams were very, very tiny. Yes, for the record, I am awesome.

Veronica,  if you are reading this, it was harder than the time I assembled your desk chair in lieu of your dad hiring a professional contractor.

Now, I recognize that this picture has a bad case of the terribles, but I do what I can. I can't help that it was very cold, and I hadn't eaten for hours and hours, and we had no food in the house, and I snapped it through the car window on my phone on my way to 7-11 to get a snack after S got home from work and relieved me from baby duty. I just can't help that my life is too glamorous for proper photography. 

Clearly there are still some immediate issues to fix with this front door situation. Two in particular -- first, we need a light over the front door. (We'll probably put up another one of these $20 galvanized bad boys, like we have at the back door, and call it a day.) Second, we need to finish the chinking along the door frame. Those two things will really help.

Eventually we're going to build a roof and railings and such, but that's a project for another year. We're also going to get a kickplate for the bottom of the door since she's a bit of a heavy beast. They aren't expensive so maybe that will happen sooner rather than later. At this point I'd probably choose a nice hot shower, complete with leg shaving, over browsing the web for the right one. So you never  know, do you?


  1. love the colour of your front door. absolutely lovely.
    cheryl xox.

  2. it's looking great! I can't believe the change in the last year. :)

  3. EK:

    I'm almost sure that you're making up some words here. The door looks great, I'm glad you've got a handle on it. I went back to you older posts (Dec 2010) to watch the progress. It goes really fast that way.


  4. Very clever, Mel. Very clever.

    I don't think I made up any words -- I think applicious is from an Apple Jacks commercial from my childhood. Blame the sugary cereal marketers!

    It does seem a lot faster when viewed in time-lapse form, doesn't it? I felt every minute of it in real life though.

  5. I'm reading! I'm reading!

    See what good training we received in college... inside of the classrom and out!

    I'll tell Papi you are thanking him for having 2 left hands!


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