Room with a View.

We may not be going at breakneck speed on this renovation, but at least the kitchen window is looking good. It actually looks exactly how I hoped and imagined -- a rarity!

Sorry for the short posts... These days it's gotta be either shorties or none at all.


  1. Wow! So lovely, love how deep it is!

  2. Jonnie's Mommy:

    This is very nice looking. It looks like some excellent #2 pine, very streight. Did "S" re-saw it any? There also appears to be a small space between each board, am I seeing this correctly or is it a shadow from a flash?

    You guys are doing fine !

  3. Thanks Dan! Yay!

    Mel, yes we (and by that I mean S) used spacers between the boards. I think the space is about 1/16th. You can actually see one of the oval-shaped spacers sticking out in the top right corner of the "scraping and stripping post" (http://thirtyeight20.blogspot.com/2011/11/scraping-and-stripping.html).

    He didn't have to resaw any of the boards -- we get the wood from an Amish sawmill and they do a great job!

  4. Fantastic! I love seeing rooms come together. I'm especially excited to watch the progress of your kitchen. That is such a lovely large window. Love all the light!

  5. EK:

    OK the space between the boards is intentional and looks real good. (I like lines) Will it serve a purpose, or was it all about looks? I've never seen this done like that.

    Little Johnny baby is cutie.

  6. Expansion and contraction is one main reason for the spacing, and uniformity. We also like the look. I think that pretty much covers the reasoning? I was busy with the baby during that process, so other than demanding that the walls be paneled I wasn't paying much attention. :-)

  7. EK:

    Understood. ;o)
    She's a sweetface.


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