Scraping and stripping

A fun task has begun: stripping the paint off the old kitchen stairs. There are so many layers! It goes from tan on top to cream, green, blue, burnt orange and finally a deep gray. There is also some wallpaper on some of the risers. I scraped off the loose chips already (after several tests for lead paint, which were all negative) and the next step is a chemical stripper.

At some point, someone had dropped several big dollops of plaster onto the stairs and painted right over them. I think we're the most considerate owners this house ever had -- and we practically ripped the whole thing down to start over.


  1. Yuck. Good luck! We have LOTS of paint to strip. I swear the trim and doors have a dozen different layers. Latex over oil paint. Paint over wallpaper. Paint over everything was the rule it seems.

    I like to think that both our houses are loving their makeovers. :)

  2. EK:

    Way to go, one step at a time!

  3. Yuck - sounds like an awful and time consuming project. But- like so many projects, the results I am sure will be amazing. I still can't get over your awesome living room stairs!

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