To Do List

Some items on my current To Do List are pure drudgery (file a huge mountain of mail (barf)), and others are really not so bad (hunt for a bargain on a range hood).

The remaining handful of things are just pure joy. That's because I've learned over the past couple years that if I don't add some selfishly fun things to my list every now and then, I'll never get around to doing the things I really love like reading a book, making a mobile for the baby, etc.

Whenever I tackle one of these "me" things, I tend to immerse myself in it completely. I'll read a book for 3 days straight, but slowly, relishing every word, until the final page is turned. S thinks I'm crazy, but chances are--whatever the project is--I'll never finish it unless I do it all at once. I think that's going to be especially challenging now that I have a needy little shadow, but I'm hoping when she gets bigger she'll enjoy some of these things too.

Here are some fun projects on my current To Do List. Who knows when I will get to all of them, but they're written down -- in ink -- so they've now become Requirements.

What are the fun things on your To Do List?

Sources, clockwise from top left:
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  1. These are awesome projects. I'm particularly smitted by the book as a shelf. I actually have those brackets at home. So cool!

  2. Things on my to-do list:
    rake the leaves & pine needles off the front lawn
    trim back the bushes at the front gate
    read one book a week for the month of november (I'm hoping this will help me cut back on tv)
    plan Thanksgiving!


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