Baby's First Christmas Gift

There's a little baby in our house who goes ape crazy for The Very Hungry Caterpillar. More specifically, for the colorful butterfly that the caterpillar becomes at the end of the book. (Sorry, I guess I should've given you a little spoiler alert before I gave away the ending.)

I thought it was just coincidence the first couple times she stared intently at that page. Then a few weeks later, when she got a little more control of her appendages, she started lunging toward it and scratching at the page with her little babynails every time we read it. (See above.) Turns out our girl is just completely batty for that butterfly.

So for Christmas I'm buying her this 11x14 matted print from the Eric Carle Museum.

I am excited to hang it in her room somewhere she can see it. And stare at it like it holds the deepest secrets of the universe.

Side note: I'm so glad she seems to like books!


  1. I was there. She literally lunged at it and then spent several minutes trying to pluck it from the page. Trust me on this.

  2. I didn't know babies could have favorites at such a young age. I have alot to learn about babies before I have one some day!

  3. Anonymous, I'm assuming that's you mom! (Or Aunt Mary... the only other person in the room at the time!) I'm glad I have you both as witnesses to confirm it's not just me projecting favorites onto her.

    Tabby, I really didn't know it either. I was so surprised when she kept doing it over and over. And I am still learning things about babies basically every hour so don't worry!


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