Kitchen Update

Oh yeah! There's some stuff happening and I like what I see.

Now, things are definitely in a state of flux; the placement of all the tables is just temporary and the rangetop is just sitting on top of an old IKEA dining table for now. But do I care? No I do not. Because the stove is officially open for business! Let's boil something! 

Next steps include:
  • Cutting down and installing the steel backsplash (which we got for free!) behind the stove
  • Hooking up the pot filler faucet
  • Finding a temporary solution for the wall oven (until we build it in to the left of the stove) 
  • Finishing the chinking between the logs. 
Oh yeah, and finally moving the fridge and baking table out of the living room!

And clearly there's a lot to do in this corner... and up the stairs. We're not there yet, but we're well on our way.

My favorite things are the planked walls, the big window and the ceiling beams. Actually, I think I'm going to love most everything about it once it's done someday. For now, I'm just thrilled to be this far along and to have a STOVE THAT ACTUALLY WORKS! Until it was hooked up yesterday, we'd been stoveless for 3 years, 3 months and 13 days.

Post script: In case you are wondering, yes there's a distinct line running down the middle of the floor. Half of the floor had been covered by plastic and barrier paper for protection, and the other half had just been covered by the paper. The plastic held some moisture underneath it which darkened the concrete, so when all the protective layers were removed, that half was darker than the other. Over time, it should even out. But clearly we were distressed when we first made the discovery!

So, what do you think? Are you starting to see the vision come together?


  1. EK:

    Gigantic kitchen!! Thanks for the large overview of the room. You're making it, I see it coming together like the pictures you posted months and months ago. The clean lines of the old/new fireplace look good with the clean lines of the walls. Your lights over the work table are higher than I would have expected, but I don't imagine you'll be in need of much light with such a bright kitchen. So will "S" be building custum cabinets for around the stove etc?


  2. I adore the planked walls! And congrats on having a stove again. I only did it for a couple months and I was about to go crazy. :)
    Looking good!

  3. Mel, the lights are that height because that's how we got them. (They were salvaged from a school.) We'll likely lower them in the future. Yes we are planning to build custom cabinetry of sorts for the oven and stove. Have a few factors to consider first before we finalize the plan and bite the bullet.

  4. Also the fireplace doesn't bother me as much as it used to. I agree it does go well with the planking. Which i love

  5. Looks great! I actually like the ikea table, the wood tone warms up the industrial elements. I think the log & planked walls are my favorite.

  6. 100yearheadstart: I agree that there should be wood tones around the stove area to provide balance to the log wall and warm it up. Definitely brings cohesion to the room. Now we just have to work out the final plan for how that corner is going to come together.

  7. Oh. My. God!!! It's looking amazing. I love every part of it, the lighting fixtures, the floors, the fireplace - all of it.

  8. After thinking on it, I've changed my mind. Despite the filthy floor, my favorite part is how CLEAN it looks!!!!

    And thanks Lindsay! Your enthusiasm made my day.

  9. It is incredible. And three years? Prizes should be given for your patience!

  10. OMG let me pick my jaw up off the floor... Holy cow the not yet complete kitchen is amazing! I can't wait to see it finished! And wow it's surprising you've lived that long without one too.

  11. AnonymousJuly 10, 2013

    it's fabulous. the white vertical planking and the floor are so fabulous even your bete noir, the fireplace, looks pretty snazzy. i know you must've cried a lot when the old one went, but the new one looks way better in these pix than in the first ones. stairs, stainless table, awesome.

    1. I was sad to lose it for sure, but I'm over it now. It does look pretty snazzy.


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