The walls are primed! The range hood is up! (Well, almost... obviously this is an in-progress shot.)
And what's that? A faux ceiling beam made from original joists? Why, yes, it is! That S is a genius.

The priming bit of a painting project is always alarming to me, as the grayish-white color just zaps the life out of everything. I'm looking forward to seeing it covered with real paint. I'm actually sad that I probably won't be helping with that. Not only do I feel bad that S is working solo these days, I also kind of enjoy painting and the dramatic change you get to see in a few short hours. (Please don't ask me to help you paint though, unless we're like really close friends and I owe you money or something.)

Maybe the kitchen will be done enough in time to bake some Christmas cookies? Or at least make some Christmas mac and cheese? (I've had a craving for some old fashioned, gooey, horribly unhealthy Velveeta Shells 'n Cheese for eons, but have had no way to boil water for over three years now.)


  1. i love the paneled walls. They look so great! And I love that S put the old joist back up. What color are you painting the walls again? We ended up deciding on light gray for nearly everything and I'm surprised by how much I like it.

  2. EK:

    Looks good. I can't make out if that's wood or drywall on your celing. Also, is that pipe under the vent hood for a pot filler? I continue to be impressed with "S's" work.


  3. Jen, it's going to be a creamy off-white. I like all-white kitchens but pure white felt too stark with the logs (and because the chinking is not pure white either). We have gray in our upstairs hallway and I really like it! I bet your finished product looks great--can't wait to see it.

    Mel, the ceiling is wood. And yes that is a pipe filler -- it is nice having a plumber for a father-in-law. I was going to add that into the post but wasn't sure if anyone would look that closely. Should've known better!!

  4. EK:

    I know you meant "Pot" filler. ;o)

    I'd be interested in hearing how that works for you. We enjoy the look of our 1921 sink, but it's so very shallow. And, we're not using the dish washer because of the poor water we have. It's full of lime and leaves a white film on everything. We're waiting until January when the county will have a new treatment plant in operation, to see if we're going to buy a softener or not. Until then, the sink will be full of a plastic wash tub and dishes. A pot filler would have been a good thing lo these past three years.

    You guys are doing great.


  5. Oops. Pot filler. Typo!

    I'm excited about it. Since our kitchen is big, our "work triangle" isn't exactly standard. So this should cut down the amount of carrying of heavy/awkward water-filled things we have to do. (Until it comes time to strain them, then there's some traveling involved.)


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