Lazy Sunday afternoon

Ah, these two. The only way I'd love this sight more is if they made some room for me.

This weekend we rearranged the entire upstairs. It was supposed to just be a quick swap of a few baby things (moving the pack 'n play out of Johnnie's room to bring in the crib) but it ended up being a big to-do involving dismantling the crib in the guest room and reassembling it in Johnnie's room, after switching everything else around to accommodate it. The guest bedroom door has still not been rehung, since we had to take it off the hinges. Babies... always more work than you anticipate!

No wonder they needed a nap this afternoon.


  1. The best! Contentment, trust, love. All her needs met by Mom and Dad.

  2. And then some. If I believed you could spoil a baby with too many kisses, she'd be one bad apple.


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