Right Quick

Some things that are happening and/or have happened of late...

                                                       ...in bullet format because I'm completely frazzled:
  • We have only had running water sporadically for the past 5 days. Flowing full force, however, is my desire to cry about it.
  • During one of the attempts to fix the water problem, S and my father-in-law installed a water filtration system. No more brown water! Totally drinkable and awesome! (If only it would come out of the faucet and into my cup when I turn on the tap...)
  • Fridge and baking table have been moved out of the living room and into the kitchen. Finally! The living room seems so much more inviting. Go figure. Pictures to come!
  • Our normally easygoing baby has been CRAZY the past 5 days. There has been unprecedented random squawking, night waking, drooling, and clinginess going on. Little teeth moving around under the gums + 2 shots at the doctor's office = misery for the whole family. She does have cute little purple and yellow band-aids on her chubby thighs though, which are adorably sad.
  • We got the go-ahead from the inspector to finish the dining room and entry, plus to insulate the master suite. Thank God! I couldn't care less about the dining room right now... but in order to be able to fully use the kitchen on a daily basis, the dang heat has to stop escaping out of the second floor! (So, while we have some things set up for cooking, that side of the house is still basically barricaded off to keep the heat in the finished areas. Until we insulate, that is.)
  • After we insulate and use up the materials we have for finishing the dining room and entry, no more major purchases for awhile. Whew. I won't even buy a candy bar from an adorable little leaguer raising money for uniforms outside the grocery store. (Okay, I might... but only one.)
  • I can't wait to read this. Aside from my trusty breastfeeding manual and the Very Hungry Caterpillar, I haven't read any books since our little screaming eaglet was born. I think this will be my first one. I was a dutiful English major who studied Derrida, Jane Austen and George Eliot and fell in love at cafés on College Hill! Also, I love Jeffrey Eugenides. This is a recipe for pleasurable reading, I do say.
OK. That's all I can muster for now. Happy Friday, one and all!

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