Mystery Eyes

Johnnie's eye color is so tricky. They are still very close to the same shade of dark blue she was born with, though they've started to develop a greenish brown center that changes size and tint depending on the day. They are never the same color from day to day. Some days I think the brown is taking over, but then the blue comes back. From a distance, sometimes they look almost black.

Genetically, she could really end up with anything. Ez's eyes are gray-blue, and mine are a mixture of brown and green.

Does anyone know when eye color really settles in? Not that it matters, but we're taking friendly wagers among family members about what they'll end up. Also I really want to know whether she'll even have ONE trait that remotely resembles me in any way! She is her dad's girl through and through.


  1. I think that it is settled by a year if I remember correctly. Either way they'll be gorgeous.

  2. Hey! Just saw this- I like this post. I'm always saying the SAME thing about Landon's eyes too! I think they look dark blue/green/brownish to me haha. My little one's eyes were set by the time he was 10 months-1 year. Now, they just favor a color depending on what he is wearing. If he's in green, his eyes are green/grey. If he's in blue, they are blue/grey. He also has that little hint of brown in the middle too. Whatever they are, she has beautiful eyes! I love that she got SUCH a combo. My hubs and I both have brown eyes but are next of kin have the green, blue and grey so Landon skipped a generation!

  3. My baby had these same eyes.... What color did they eventually turn?? 😊

    1. Johnnie's eyes are now a lot like mine -- brown in the middle and green around the outside. They did have a dark blue ring around the outer edges for a long time, but that seems to be gone now. I'd say it took till she turned 3 for them to settle. My eyes were much more brown when I was her age and continued to get more green as I got older, so who knows? Maybe hers will continue to change too! Enjoy your little one!


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