Seven Month Checkup

Holy crap! Johnnie hit the 7 month mark on Saturday! My life is flashing before my eyes.

A few days after my last post about her development, when I said she hated to roll, she started just rolling around like a mad woman out of the blue. In fact, I think there's a possibility she might skip right over crawling (she still hates being on her stomach) and go straight from rolling around to walking.

Babyproofing this place has become a terrifying prospect.

We are still breastfeeding about the same amount as before she started eating real food, and now she also gets the equivalent of half a jar of fruit with cereal in the morning and between a half to a full jar of veggies at dinner. You can tell by her thighs that she eats pretty much everything with much delight. (She was deemed "enormous" by our pediatrician at her official 6 month visit, where we learned she's 98th percentile for height and 90th for weight.)

She's so much fun now that I can barely contain myself. She claps her hands and feet when she's happy, which is basically all the time. She loves to give kisses and slip you the tongue when you're not expecting it. Now we're really at the stages of parenting that I might be willing to sign up for again one day.

Happy 7 month birthday, sweetest pea.


  1. She is the sweetest pea.

  2. ha! love that the doctor referred to her as enormous! it's weird that this much time has already passed since she was born. i cannot even imagine how quickly it must go when it's your daily life. she's adorable!

    1. The doctor also told me I could be a "cash cow" and said I should sell my milk to professional athletes as an alternative to steroids. (He's a family friend so I'm only mildly appalled that he'd say that!)

      But yes, everyone always says if you blink you'll miss the baby stage, and it's more true than I could have imagined. The fact that she's the size of a small 1-year-old doesn't help either... it's really fun and amazing when they learn new things, but I do get a wee bit sad at times that my little baby is getting so big so fast. Doing my best to make these times count.


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