If I had a million dollars...

I know not everyone is into the industrial look, and I know it's a home decor trend that will eventually (soon, maybe already) go out of vogue. But I love it so much (so practical!), and it goes so well with our house. So, forget that industrial is trendy and join me in admiring this bookcase from Anthropologie.

Oh, how well this baby would work in our kitchen. Sadly, $1,600 is quite a bit more than I'd ever spend on shelves, which are meant simply to hold the things which hold the actual value. Even if I had a million dollars, I think, I'd still just admire from afar. (I like to think I'd be equally frugal about this kind of thing no matter how much money I had. DIY haircuts! The baby doesn't need toys -- she has a toilet paper tube! That hole in my shoe makes it look cool and edgy! -- These are my mottos.)

This has me thinking though... with a little TLC (spray paint, a little roughed up wood and some casters), this $120 fella on Amazon, made by Edsal, could do the trick for a fraction of the cost.

My wheels are turning, for sure.

I should have a little kitchen update (cabinet doors, fun details, etc.) for you pretty soon, I think. And maybe we'll have some other updates on the near horizon as well. We're gearing up for some major things this summer, and it's exciting. We've been enjoying our family down time so much that we've been taking things very slowly, but we'd like to refinance before interest rates go back up so we have to finish these renovations soon.

None too soon, if you ask me.


  1. i like your thinking! i find most stuff at anthropologie to be supremely overpriced that one can just DIY with some creativity. of course, if i had a million dollars i would probably just buy the stuff there. ha ha. if i didn't have to be on a budget, i certainly wouldn't be!

  2. "shelves, which are meant simply to hold the things which hold the actual value" <-- so true

  3. Please don't resort to DIY haircuts. We both know you're not skilled enough for that

  4. Before I got to the DIY option, I was thinking that you could totally make a garage shelf work as a stand in. You are way ahead of me.


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