While visiting family in the great city of Lynchburg, Virginia over the holiday weekend, we briefly stopped by one of our favorite estate stores, the Estate Specialists. Which is, I feel I should note, overall not nearly as creepy as the one corner on the top floor where they keep all of the walkers left behind by the deceased whose estates have been scattered throughout the store.

My brother's whole house is Estate Specialists chic, and several fun things from our house have been scrounged up out of this place as well. This lamp, for example, cleaned up and rewired by my dad, is an Estate Specialists find of yore:

And this heavy old metal mirror, too:

We're all about resurrecting worthless junk around here (recall, this house was a falling-down foreclosure when we bought it), and rooting through boxes of junk from the attics of the departed can be kind of fun if you don't think about it too hard. And it keeps things in perspective: you really will only buy the very most awesome things, or else you know someone may someday be rooting through your boxes of bent canning jar rings and pantyhose eggs and wondering what the crap?

Also, remember pantyhose eggs?

Alas, we found nothing of note this time and left emptyhanded, though I did find like eleven file cabinets that match our specifications for our future office space. Mental note... But at this pace, I'll probably need a walker too by the time our office is done.

(By the way, only the top floor of the Estate Specialists, with its ghostly fleet of walkers, is arranged for scrounging. There are thousands of square feet of nicely organized treasures filling two big buildings. But I'm pretty sure the walker graveyard is like 15 degrees colder than elsewhere in the store, so beware.)


  1. those walkers are totally creepy. but that looks like a great place to find cool stuff. i need to find a place like that here. with so many tourists looking for "antiques" even crappy stuff is marked WAY up. so i guess you have to find it before it makes it to a store.

    1. All the stores around our house are like that too. And craigslist is usually a total bust as well. That's why we spend a lot of time at thrift and antique stores when we visit family!

  2. haha- i agree in the subtle creepiness of this place! if you can brave the smell of death and the hard stare from the eyes of those long since past hanging on the walls... there could be some good finds for you! :-)
    Jen M

    1. There was a slightly creepy but also slightly awesome real painting of some guy staring down on us -- which I kind of wanted to buy of course, but the husband was too creeped out and gave it the thumbs down. Maybe next time there will be the very right thing.


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