On Making a Necklace

I made this necklace a few weeks ago. Because I offer nothing if not a wealth of life-enriching tips and tidbits, below I have graciously typed out how you, too, can be as awesome as I am. Or at least have a necklace as awesome as mine, between which I see no difference.

How to make a snazzy necklace:

1. Ten minutes before you have to leave the house for an important meeting downtown, decide you don't have the right piece of statement jewelry to go with your dress.*

2. Dig around in your old jewelry box to see what's hiding out in there. Find three glazed ceramic macrame beads you bought five years ago at a consignment store and forgot about.

3. Cut a length of twine and string 'em up. Decide three is too many. Eliminate one. There, that's better.

4. Try to keep your baby from clacking the ceramic beads together as you carry her around, because oh, how she will want to.

5. Get lots of compliments** on your necklace from coworkers and strangers alike, and be able to say you made it that very morning.***

6. Clean the smudges off your bathroom mirror, because you deserve better.

Cost, $1 for the thrifted beads. You are welcome.

*Ironically, what I am wearing in this photo is sadly not the best outfit for this necklace. But I didn't have the extra ten minutes this morning to make something new today.

**Some compliments will be genuine; others will be more like, That's an "interesting" necklace...

***This only works the first day.


  1. ha, this makes me laugh. the best pieces are the ones that you throw together sometimes! and i love when people give you "wow, that's certainly an interesting piece." ha ha.

  2. Hilarious. Not the necklace, the commentary.

    1. I'm glad we are friends, Flynn. You get me.


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