This kid, I tell you. I love her to pieces. Seriously, all her little pieces are very much loved by me. Including her nose, which is turning slightly orange from the liberal eating of all of her favorite beta-carotene-rich foods like carrots and sweet potatoes. 

But the past six weeks have been tough. The two little chompers (which I also love) that are poking out of her bottom gums have come with a price: many lost hours of sleep for all of us. I think we've only had one good night in the past month. I don't like to see my sweet bearcat in pain, so we give her Advil and encourage her to chew on things... but this doesn't seem to help at all with the sleeping. Her two front teeth on the top will be coming through at any time, judging by the swelling and the occasionally visible white specks, and I hope and pray that gives us all some relief -- and fast. Until those two little teeth pop through and stop terrorizing us, those two little bits, while still beloved, are walking on thin ice with me.

After all, sleep is a valuable commodity around here. I slept 12 hours a night from the time my parents brought me home from the hospital, and to this day I thrive on sleep and deteriorate quickly without it. So right now I am sending out an SOS to our friend the Tooth Fairy. Please help us!


  1. My 8 month old boy has yet to regale us with a full night of sleep. Yes, he never ever made it past the 6 hour mark... instead he wakes up, in average, every 2-3 hours. I´m going slightly mad? Mmmmm can't really tell.

  2. Poor little things. Although, I shouldn't have read this. I've been getting myself through all te sleepless Nights by telling myself it will get better!


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