Warning: Not for the squeamish

To avoid excess clutter in this already chaotic house, we corral Johnnie's toys into the back corner of the living room. Now that she's walking (crazy, right?), we've babyproofed the room so she can wander around freely.

Yesterday, Johnnie and I were playing happily in her little toy nook when S came in from outside after a long morning of putting up the battens on our siding. He said, "What is that on the windowsill?" referring to the window about 18 inches from Johnnie's head.

I hadn't noticed anything, but when I looked a little gag almost escaped. "You aren't going to believe this," I said. This is what I saw...

We were stumped as to how this dead baby bird would get into our living room. I'm just glad S saw it before Johnnie did... a thought that makes me shiver. Our hypothesis was that another bird was carrying it and dropped it as it tried to escape through the closed window. We hadn't seen any evidence of birds on the civilized side of our house recently, but the in-progress side is a known haven of bird tenants. Today, while we were trying to catch a nap on the couch while Johnnie was sleeping, we heard a distinctive flutter above our heads. The nap turned into a wild goose barn swallow chase, and the issue is confirmed: we do in fact have a serious bird problem.

Sometimes I really hate this house.

So now we have to take EXTRA care to make sure things are sealed up between the colonized part of the house and the wilderness part. We already do take pretty serious measures to separate things, which means unzipping a plastic sheeted doorway every time we want to go into the kitchen. In addition to keeping the cold air confined to the proper areas, we can't have dead animal carcasses lying around in places where our baby, a known eater of foreign objects given the chance, toddles around stuffing things in her mouth.

Just another day at 3820. 


  1. Oh.my.goodness. I would have died. We had bats and squirrels in our house (attic and walls to be accurate) not long after we moved in and it was a paint to have them all removed. We were left with a few stragglers and had two bats flying around our house for about two weeks before we were finally able to find and remove them.

  2. EK:

    Icky ka ka. We are fighting bats by the hundreds as well. Not IN the house, but under the siding. They do a fine job of eating things at night which we like. What we don't like is the smell of their poop as they land and take off. Our windows on the East side must be washed weekly. I sealed the gaps last year, but more formed, or I missed them, and we have bats in new places.
    Week after next, ...... war! I'm taking off work to replace some cupped siding pieces and chink, chink, chink!

    Thanks for posting.


  3. Mice. UGGGGG. Mice. We recently found a NEST of babies.

  4. WOW... we've recently found some wolf spiders... and a few field mice in the basement, but no bats, birds, or squirrels... maybe it's the dogs?


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