Weird Sensations

- Being extremely thirsty but having to pee at the same time

- The very brief cold feeling when you stick your hand under really hot water

- Post-optometrist eye numbness

- The first smooth swipe of your tongue across your teeth after you get your braces off

- Being punched in the cervix by a baby (from the inside out, but I'm sure it would also be quite weird from the outside too)

- Sitting still on your couch after kayaking all day and feeling like you're still afloat

- That buzz in your brain when you reach for the remote but realize you can't rewind real life like a DVR

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  1. trying to use your laptop like an ipad and wondering why the screen doesn't react

  2. Being excited about sharing something with your dad, and then remembering that he died. (Sorry about the downer)


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