Why are you so excited, Johnnie?

Because things are happening!

Just because I haven't been blogging doesn't mean we haven't been making actual measurable progress on the house.* Au contraire! They just haven't made their way onto the blog for two reasons. One, clearly you know by now that I have a baby, and also a full-time job, and also some freelance work, and we teach Sunday school, and I enjoy sleeping, and the Olympics are currently on TV. Keeping you clowns in the loop is kind of secondary right now. Two, they really just aren't the most photo-or blog-worthy updates.

Let's list the things that have been done lately, and you'll see:

  • Got the battens on our board and batten siding almost finished on the outside of the house. [No real reason to photograph until complete.]
  • Got all of the electrical lines run and the juices flowing in the master suite. [Awesome for us, boring for you.]
  • Put up a stub wall and installed all the plumbing for our master bath shower. [Slightly less snore-y but it's too messy in there to try to get a good photo.]
  • Ordered the custom base and bench for our master bath shower. [See above.]
  • Having a dickens of a time finding the tile I want for the master bath, but I think I'm about to have a breakthrough. [I will maybe possibly perhaps write a post about that soon.]
  • Installed huge engineer-approved beams to support the roof in the original sections of the house. [And they are kind of freaking cool looking. Photos to come.]
  • Put up the stud walls separating the laundry room, walk-in closet and offices areas in the master suite. [Not quite photo-worthy yet...]
  • Cried a couple times because the kitchen is still not put back together. [Eating lots of Open Nature and Amy's frozen meals in the meantime.]
  • Got a horrific stomach flu last weekend that wiped out everyone in our household, poor baby included, and nearly killed me. [We are all better now, thank you.]
  • Awaiting inspections on plumbing and electric scheduled for this coming Monday. 
  • Have an appointment with a spray-insulation guy in the near future. 

Did you make it to the end of the list? I feel like I could've said "watching paint dry" and you'd have gotten the idea.

These are actually all pretty big things, though. These are those slow, structural, sweaty things that seem like that last cluster of hurdles that bang up your shins before you get to the home stretch. We may never be "done" with this house (front porch... garage... landscaping... millions of tiny details) but it seems like we are finally inching closer to the point where we can close up the walls, slap on a coat of paint and start tackling regular things. Things that normal homeowners get unnecessarily overwhelmed about, like accessorizing powder rooms and installing proper closet shelving and building a kitchen pantry.

Until that point, I will threaten to burn this house down just about every single day. (A special thanks goes out to my mom and my mother-in-law for enduring those threats with grace and encouragement. And also to my husband for working so hard.)

*Just because I haven't been blogging AND we've been making progress on the house does not mean that I myself have contributed to said progress. You can call me "accomplished laundry wench" though, if you like. 


  1. LOL at accomplished laundry wench. I'm totally with you. So happy that you are making progress. And any tips for a working momma?

  2. EK:

    I make that same face every time I read your newest post!



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