Problem Solved

Every now and then you happen upon the perfect solution to some inane problem. (First World Problems, the internet calls them.) The problem we recently solved, unfortunately, is not the dirty and unfinished state of this rarely seen corner of the kitchen. No, the problem was all the wet towels and food-covered bibs we had nowhere to stash on their way upstairs to the laundry room. After a couple months of throwing them in a pile on the floor (because why not? This is a construction zone after all...) we were finally disgusted with ourselves. There was talk of buying a basket, a huge compromise since S has a strong aversion to wicker.

Enter this hideously awesome container, made in India from a recycled tire tube, which happened to catch my eye at a fair trade store recently. (Buy your own here.) I love handmade things, and I'm kind of thrilled with this gem because it's waterproof, virtually indestructible and fits perfectly on the step. I bought it at a 50% discount, so I spent $13 to feel slightly less gross and disorganized.

We filled it up immediately, because the three of us make a lot of kitchen messes. Worth every penny, I say.

At some point we will strip about 10 layers of paint and wallpaper off the top few stairs, which are original to the house, and give this whole corner a much-needed paint job. But not today.

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  1. I love it.
    Wicker is complicated, if you have cats, it's practically a no-no.


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