Today I am 29. Good thing there are pictures to remind me of stuff that happened, because the past year was a whirlwind strapped to a roadrunner sprinting through a time warp. I'm not even sure September happened...? But here we are, and 29 really doesn't feel half bad. 

Ez took me to a Gungor show at our favorite venue in Baltimore two weeks ago as an early birthday present, so tonight I think we'll keep it simple. And maybe eat lots and lots of cake or something. (This morning he stayed home a bit later than usual to watch Johnnie while I took a nice, quiet shower and got ready for work in peace -- a rare event that was the best present I could imagine.) 

Tomorrow I leave for a quick five-day trip to London -- a nice way to begin the last year of my 20s. I have most of Sunday and part of Thursday free for a bit of sightseeing, but the rest of the trip will be spent in meetings and workshops. So it will not be all (or even mostly) fun and games, but a free trip to London? I'll take it! I am due to arrive back home Thursday night, and hopefully the "Frankenstorm" threatening the mid-Atlantic won't prevent me from reuniting with my family on time. Reports are saying there could be weeks-long power outages following the storm... if that happens I might not make it home until my 30th birthday. 

But let's worry about that later. Today, CAKE! 


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great time in London!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I think London sounds like a fabulous way to celebrate. Now if you'll excuse me...I'm going to eat cake for lunch in your honor!

  3. EK:

    Happy Birthday to a Fellow Octobern! I'm 29 too.
    Bring me a Fire Department patch from London will ya?


    1. Happy birthday, Mel! If I can find one, consider it done! (Would I actually go to a fire station?)

      PS - That is, if I make it to London. The brewing storm is not looking so favorable. :-(


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