I'm sure you noticed, and maybe freaked out, that things are looking different 'round here. Sorry if you're lost and confused. I can't leave things well enough alone, so please bear with me. We've come too far together to fall to pieces now.

I'm not sure I've ever formally done this before, so I just wanted to inform you of my whereabouts so you can find me in my various corners of the web. 

Pinterest: My username is thirtyeight20. To keep an addiction at bay, I mostly pin inspiration photos and products I'm considering using for my own house, so it's a lot of rustic, modern, minimalist goodness -- and also cute baby clothes. (I can't help myself.)

Twitter: Username is thirtyeight20. Follow me! I will try to be funny. No promises. 

Instagram: I just started posting photos more frequently in the past couple weeks and actually following other users and interacting a little bit. Username is cabinfervor. If you don't have the phone app (that's you, mom and dad), you can check out my feed here.

I'm always looking for suggestions of people to follow, so let me know where you hide your goodies on the internet so I can follow along! 

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