Yesterday. 6:30pm. On the way to a speaking engagement for work.

Traffic was stopped at a light, and the pickup truck in front of me started moving forward. I moved forward behind it. The pickup truck stopped again. I did not, because I was too busy trying to figure out whether this was the intersection where I needed to turn. Oops.

Nobody was hurt, thankfully, but I'm so mad at my sleep-deprived, distracted self for perpetrating my first vehicle accident as a driver.* The hood, grill and bumper of my adorable little car are all bent and dented, but the engine was fine and the airbag did not deploy, thankfully, so I was able to continue onto my destination. The man whose rear bumper I bent was pretty nice about the whole thing, for which I was also thankful.

I have to admit I'm proud of myself for not crying about it until afterward. (If I were still breastfeeding I'd have been an emotional mess.) I only dropped two brief tears on the side of the road before I checked my eye makeup and drove off to my speaking engagement. There were mostly older ladies there, and when they heard about my accident they gave me a cookie, so that helped make my evening better.

My neck is more sore today than I thought it would be (more proof that I am not invincible), and I dread the insurance and repair nightmares to come. Coulda been worse, but I guess this might take a little chunk out of the renovation budget for awhile.

Happy (and crash-free) weekends to all!

*I do not count the time I gently rear-ended my bff LeAnne back in college due to the brakes on my parents' car locking up on a wet road. Sorry LeAnne. 


  1. Very glad you are ok!


  2. I'm glad you're not hurt and that the airbag didn't deploy--those things can whack you pretty hard. Good luck with the insurance company.

    1. Thank you! I've never had an airbag deploy on me, but I am well aware how bad that can end up. Very thankful!


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