I used to be active and do fitness-related things like running or cross training almost every day. But not so much the past year or two, ever since a humbling case of symphysis pubis dysfunction (basically, really bad hip and pelvic pain) set in during early pregnancy. Ez literally had to help me roll over in bed if I had overdone it the day before, so even walking was off limits after awhile. Unfortunately, laziness is a hard habit to break. Once Johnnie was born and my body righted itself, I felt too busy and too tired to make regular exercise a priority -- to the detriment of my physical and mental health. Basically, I am weak and slow, and I hate it... but I've been too lazy to make a concerted effort about changing it.

So when Ez recently asked me if I wanted to do the Ocean City Half Marathon with some friends in the spring (April 27), I said SURE -- as long as we promised to do it together and keep each other motivated. My first run toward this goal was at 5:30 this morning, on the treadmill while Johnnie was still asleep. I'm not a morning person by any stretch, and I prefer the great outdoors to the treadmill, but this is how it has to be.

I've only ever run 13 miles once before, in preparation for the Providence Half back in college. The week before the race I injured my Achilles, so I wasn't able to actually run in it. That was a bummer, but the training was part of the charm of the whole experience, as running with a friend on the scenic East Bay Bike Path was good for the soul.

So, it's officially on. Five months to go. Please help keep us accountable!


  1. You can do it!! I trained and ran my first (and only so far) half marathon last year. 12 weeks of training and it was amazing what my body could do. How exciting! I always find it easier to stick with exercise when you have a goal in mind or something you're training for.

  2. EK:

    I know you can do it! Speaking on a very personal level, I drive 13 miles twice a day to and from work, so I KNOW you can do it too. ;o)



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