We have achieved the long-awaited goal of FULL SIDING COVERAGE. It's been four years in the making (so not exactly BOOM! per se), so picture me cheering and jumping and tossing my siding graduation cap in the air!

Board and batten siding has really become a popular thing in the world of DIY and home renovation, mostly on interior walls. Everyone wants a piece of those delicious, rustic battens! As for us, we chose pine board and batten siding for the exterior of our house because horizontal siding styles seemed like they would clash with the horizontal logs. (It would be too much horizontal, or too many horizontals, or something.) If I could go back to the very beginning of this home renovation project I would not do it at all probably make some style decisions differently, but I still think this was a great choice. No regrets. Board and batten all the way!

We've had some people look at us like we're nuts when we say we're painting it barn red though. "Why do you want your house to look like a barn?" they ask.

"Because it sure beats what it looks like now," we respond.

When pressed though, the critics don't know what a better decision would be, and neither did we. We thought about staining it all brown to match the logs, but then it would REALLY REALLY look like a barn, which we weren't prepared to accept. We got married in a barn, and that's probably enough REAL barn for us. We thought about a dark foresty green, and a tan similar to the chinking, but neither really gave us warm fuzzies. A deep red just felt right for the setting and the area where we live (basically surrounded by farms).

Anyway, back to my musing about the siding and why I'm so happy to be where we are. We finished different portions of the house at different times, which really made for interesting curb appeal along the way. This stage was maybe my favorite... the neighbors loved it:

This was great too. The plywood blocking the opening, the random vent pipe in the gable and the stilts holding up the roof were super attractive. (We entered through the back door because... no porch.)

And here it was the day we bought it, if you can see it through all the foliage...

I mean, it is getting better, right? Right? 


  1. Yes! Definitely a huge improvement from the original look. I love the siding, i love the choice of red, can't wait to see it all done. I cannot believe the transformation. I mean, you are making this house that probably no one liked looking at look like a beautiful farmhouse painstakingly restored. I can only imagine your neighbors must feel the same way.

    1. I hope the neighbors feel that way... we don't know all of them, but we've learned from the local neighborhood busybody that the previous owner was not a very well-liked individual and the neighborhood as a whole was happy that a young couple bought the house and hoped to fix it up. We've definitely created our fair share of issues with our junk lying around and big dumpsters everywhere, but at least we're going in a positive direction now. It was really rough there for awhile before it got better! Really, really appreciate your kind encouragement along the way!!! ♥

  2. Wow! What a difference. It's going to be amazing!!!! I love the board and batten look and I think the red will be perfect. Great work.

    1. Thanks - that's big encouragement coming from the home renovation queen herself! ☺

  3. It looks so nice Emily. So nice.


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