Our daughter is such a little firecracker. While she has still her occasional moments of caution, she is lately becoming so darn independent and confident. Whereas I tend to be easygoing and laid back, she is full of spunk and loves to challenge herself. I love that about her. She is now 15 months old, but she thinks she's the biggest girl around and likes to show off her big girl skills.

Since the day her first tooth came in at around 9 months, she has insisted on brushing her teeth herself. She lets me get a few good swipes in, but after that she takes control. When she decides she's done, she hands the brush to me and that's that. All business.

Earlier this week I really appreciated her insistence on helping me with the laundry. Although she managed to throw some clean clothes in with the dirty ones when I wasn't looking, I forgave her when she volunteered to carry the basket to the laundry room.

Recently she's also been trying to suction her own nose. And no, I did not stage this photo. She used to run away from the dreaded combo of the nose sucker and the tissue, but apparently she has learned the value of being able to breathe freely. She has not yet mastered the technique, but I am impressed with her initiative. She'll also take a sock or a washcloth and vigorously wipe the floor, her face, or her toys with it. And in the mornings when I'm getting ready, I give her a clean makeup brush and she dabs it on the table before brushing her cheeks with it. (I'm now very self-conscious about my actions because I know she's watching me AT ALL TIMES!)

These days, she likes to decide for herself which mode of transportation to use to go up and down the stairs. She's perfectly fine with being carried, as long as she's the one who decided she wanted to be carried. (And as long as she's 100% supervised, I let her be the boss on this one unless we're in a great big hurry.) She also knows to head toward the stairs when she needs a diaper change or when it's time to go to bed. If the answer to "Johnnie, did you poop? Do we need to change your diaper?" or "Johnnie are you tired? Is it time to go night-night?" is yes, she nods her head and makes a beeline toward the stairs. I'm anticipating an awesome performance when it's time for potty training.

I comment to Ez all the time how she did not stay a baby for very long. The fact she's so big for her age doesn't help either. She's growing up and becoming independent so quickly... but then there are the sweet moments when she's still my little baby, and she just wants her mama to hold her.

I am learning to cherish these little moments all the more.

(All photos from instagram.)


  1. It's so strange for me to feel nostalgic towards a little girl I've never met but watched grow up on this blog and instagram. I think the independence is awesome, a sure sign of confidence in someone trying to navigate their big world.

  2. She's way cuter than she needs to be. I'm sure that she's over some kind of legel limit. And none of what your discribe fads away when they're 20, or 30. Moms and Dads for life! It's a blessing to be at the center of a little persons life. Providing all that they need, being the protector, the safe place of comfort. It brings joy to your heart does it not?
    This is a picture of our loving Father/God who's only desire is to be that loving parent to us all.
    (gettin' my preach on)


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