1. I have a serious addiction to kale chips. It's become part of who I am. I guess they are a fairly popular thing, but I didn't try them myself until this summer. I've made them, using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, several times per week since then. When Johnnie sees them come out of the oven, she signs "Help me! Cookie!" and makes a lot of noise until I give her some. (I'll let you be the judge as to whether that makes me Parent of the Year or what.) My tip for perfect kale chips is make sure the kale is completely dry before you toss it in the oil so it gets nice and crispy in the oven. Irresistible, and healthier than other salty things I daresay.

2. If ever you happen to get an email coupon for a tantalizing 30% off all sale items at J.Crew, and you gingerly click on the "crewcuts" button, afraid of the damage you might do to your checkbook buying tiny clothes for tiny loved ones... and you find an affordable ($15 or less) dress in rich, non-infantile jewel tones... and you buy it in a bigger size so your daughter can wear it next winter... realize that J.Crew has the weirdest sizing for toddlers and that dress will probably fit her right now instead of next year. Johnnie is 14 months old and will probably outgrow J.Crew's 3T size before winter ends. (Granted she is huge and wears size 2T now in some other brands... but 3T? That's just irresponsible.) Be warned.

3. THIS is probably the swingin'est little children's story ever written, and it's illustrated by Louise Fitzhugh who also illustrated Harriet the Spy -- a childhood favorite. If you haven't already (I've seen it crop up several places online) hurry up and read it before they take it down!


  1. I love kaleeee and have heard about baking it into chips but never actually tried it. I also love chips (for shame!). SO this sounds like a purrfect combo. Regarding JCREW, make sure when ordering clothes for your adult-self, that it actually comes from the adult section and not the crewcuts sections. opps. post-happy-hour online shopping . I was sooo disappointed when the perfect 'moto' pants showed up and were for a 2 year old. I'm still not over it and that was months ago. THOSE PANTS WERE PERFECT.

    1. NOooOoooOOo! I'd be so mad if that happened!

      Try the kale chips. Life changing, for real.


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