Between now and the end of the year, weekend hours are precious. There are parties to attend, holiday shopping to do, things to check off the list before the first snow falls... This weekend I don't have a very out-of-the-ordinary To-Do List, but sometimes it helps to see it written down to know whether it's realistic.

  • Cook: Kale chips (obviously), plus roasted and mashed butternut squash (Johnnie, my little self-proclaimed vegetarian, will surely flip her lid)
  • Clean: Everything I can... There's a fine layer of dust all through the kitchen, thanks to the duct work that's been going on for two weeks. All the dirty work is finally done, so it's time to clean up and start living like civilized people again. Also we have a mound of laundry so high I fear it might swallow one of us whole. Better get on that too. 
  • Photograph: The fancy new spiral duct in our second floor master suite. (It's so shiny! And soon to be filled with heat.) If we're very lucky, maybe we'll get to see a photo or two of some paint on the siding. Fingers crossed. 
  • Wear: We have a family party to go to on Sunday, and I recently bought this dress (in pine) for $16 thanks to an "extra 30% off" email coupon I had (I just can't resist those!) I'm really happy with how well it's made considering the price. 
  • Make: A Christmas gift... and that's all I will say for now. 
  • Cheer: For Ez as he has his own list of things to accomplish. 
  • Play: Johnnie has more fun than anyone I know, and her laughter is contagious. Saturdays were made for following her around, seeing what she gets into and joining in.  

Not too optimistic, I don't think, right? Providing that a certain someone takes a halfway decent nap on Saturday.

PS. If anyone wants to buy me absolutely anything on this page, I would be completely thrilled. (So many pretty things...)

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