Happy New Year, all! We had a blissful 11-day break from work to spend as a family, doing things that families do like feasting, exchanging presents, sleeping in and doing a massive clean-up of our dining and entry rooms. What, your family didn't do that? Sad.

Above is a photo of the dining room, taken from the kitchen. Ez managed to plank the walls during the break, but he quickly learned that the ceiling is a two-person job so that's all the further he got on that trail of tears.

Unfortunately I don't have "before" pictures of this disastrously messy room handy because we were in such a rush to accomplish the impossible while Johnnie was napping one day. But use your imagination to picture mounds upon mounds of miscellaneous building materials, tools, accessories, wood scraps and random junk that needed to be organized or thrown away. MASSIVE MOUNDS. Getting it all cleared out and cleaned up felt like an enormous weight lifted.

Truth: I no longer feel stressed out just walking in the front door. That is a major step in the right direction. Ez mentioned that one day soon, I'll be able to walk barefoot throughout the entire house. This thought had not occurred to me, it felt so foreign.

Below is the view coming up out of the living room. The dining room is on the left, the kitchen is to the right, and the front door of course is straight ahead.

It's actually a pretty great flow, considering the convoluted mess we started with. Of all the things we've done to this house, I think rearranging the nonsensical floor plan into the half-decent one we now have is our best accomplishment.

And below is the view from the front door. We have a nice, big entryway with a coat closet and powder room along the left wall -- these are both framed out, and the plumbing and electricity are all finished, but they don't actually have walls yet. In due time. 

Even though it's small progress in the grand scheme, I'm really happy about it. It feels a little more like home and a bit less like a construction zone. I no longer bump into things when I walk in the front door. Exposed studs are becoming a rarer sighting. I'll take it.


  1. I cannot wait for the day when you post a finished picture - though I'm sure you're more anxious for that than I am. :) I just think it's going to look so spectacular and be such a lovely home for Johnnie to grow up in.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks! I hope she enjoys it, and I wonder if she'll remember anything about the whole construction thing. I guess if we continue going at a snail's pace she might...

  2. Looks awesome! Good luck with the house in the New Year!

  3. EK:

    Very nice! Your place is huge in every direction.
    What is that 2 x 8 abutting the brick flu?
    I had to go back and look at your floor plans again to re-orientate.


    1. Thanks! It is pretty big -- bigger than we need, but it will be nice to feel that the walls aren't encroaching on us.

      That chunk of wood is a structural requirement from our good friends at the county permitting office, to give the upper floor a little extra support in the middle since the brick is not strong enough to be load bearing. At this point, I just shrug and commit to working around all the compromises we have to make at every turn!

  4. I am so happy for you........you two worked very hard and it shows.....what a great way to start your new year!

  5. I loe the plank walls and the brick. What a great view to walk into. Living in a construction zone is, I think, the worst part of renovations. You guys are awesome and making this home truly something to see!


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