Our household spent all last week fighting a spectrum of colds, aches and fevers, so there's not much to report other than the fact that we are alive and, fortunately, feeling somewhat better. I still cannot fully hear out of my right ear thanks to lingering effects of an ear infection, but I can mostly breathe through my nose again -- a luxury I shall never again take for granted. I hope 2013 has gotten off to a healthier start for all of you.

During the downtime, I started making lists. Lists of materials we need to buy (from tile to light fixtures), lists of hidden corners and closets to be organized, lists of projects that have fallen by the wayside, lists of unsolved issues, lists of lists!

One of the unsolved issues was how we were going to finish the area above the range hood. (Sorry for the grainy iPhone dinner-in-progress photo.) You may be relieved to know we are not planning to leave the orange spray foam insulation exposed. There's still a lot to do in this area, like build a more permanent base for the range, but that's a story for another day.

The obvious choice aesthetically would be a big stainless steel box, but we both had some hesitations about it. Primarily, those are really expensive considering their lack of actual function. I'm willing to pay a little more for something if it offers a functional benefit, but in this case, the stainless does not. So if I could find a more reasonably priced solution we liked as much as the stainless, then that's the direction we'd go.

Awhile back, before Pinterest, I'd seen a picture of a kitchen with a rustic wood treatment above a stainless hood. I can't find that particular photo anywhere on the internet now, but I did manage to find some others in a similar vein -- especially the first one shown below.

Source: Uploaded by user via Emily on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Emily on Pinterest

The rustic hood looks so good in each of the rooms above, I think any other choice of hood treatment would've actually been a mistake. I can't picture a stainless or white option in any of these kitchens without thinking something would be missing. Though at first I was not quite sure about this look for our kitchen, it is appealing to me a lot more now because it would bring a strong wood element to that side of the room to echo the exposed logs on the opposite wall. You know, balance and such.

So that's the idea we're leaning toward at the moment. Where it lands on the priority list is to be determined... Ez made some nice progress in the dining room over the weekend, and we're hoping to keep that momentum going. Stay tuned for (eventual) updates. (You know we're slow over here.)

What do you guys think? Do you like the look of a rustic wood range hood, or is it crossing the line into weirdness?


  1. EK:

    Now I know you're not afraid of crossing into weirdness or you'd be living in a vinyl-clad subdivision somewhere.

    Pic 1] Not my favorite. Stain color is off, too streight up and down.

    Pic 2] Nicer, too bad it doesn't show more of it. Horizontal boards are workin' for me.

    Pic 3] Perhaprs the best, and most like your situation as it goes from wall to wall. I'm not wild about the combustible surface on the bottom, but then I'm a fire inspector, so why would I?

    Can EZ build you a set of cabinets over the whole space, from brick to wood and extending to the ceiling? Something with rusty old hinges and what-not.

  2. Love the idea! Better than a useless stailess box (which is not actually stain less, as you know)

  3. I like pics 2 and 3 better than the look of the 1st one. I think it's lovely actually and is a nice change from the standard stainless hoods. Plus I think it would fit your space really well. Not weird.

  4. Most of your inspiration photos feature a substantial amount of white cabinetry in concert with the wood and stainless-- are you still contemplating incorporating some crisp white cabinets into the mix? So fresh, especially with a splash of green. Couldn't help noting the foliage outside the picture windows in the two bottom photos-- you would have a similar effect with the placement of your picture window.

    1. I would like our range top to be built into a white cabinet to match the floor-to-ceiling one the stove is built into. Eventually. Not a traditional cabinet per se...the husband would probably have to custom make it, but that is the hope/plan.

  5. I love the first photo........it has lots of vintage wood which is what your home is.......................I like the blending of the stainless and the vintage rustic wood. It has that rustic meets industrial look that I think you once said is what you are going for.......

    Deborah E

    1. The first photo is my favorite too, at least for my purposes... Whatever our approach with the wood part ends up being, the stainless hood itself will definitely be exposed like that. Rustic meets industrial is the name of this game!

  6. I love this idea, Emily. Your kitchen would be a perfect contender for the reclaimed hood, and it helps the stainless feel less cold. That's my issue with stainless in general - the surgical feeling. But with the planks and the brick and the wood already, this would be perfect. Road trip to the Woodwards? We have TONS of Barnwood you could have.

    1. Woohoo! I wish that could work out! Give me a good 14 hours or so and I can be there. :)

      Stainless can definitely feel surgical and cold, but I truly love how clean it looks and feels when it's all polished up. Hopefully when our kitchen all comes together, it will all balance out.


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