A little clipper passed over us on Friday afternoon, and we awoke on Saturday morning with about two inches of fluffy powder on the ground -- not enough to completely cover the grass, but enough to take a happy little girl out for some snow day fun. 

She had a great time being pulled in her sled, checking out the snow and just wandering around. Being outside is one of her favorite things anyway, and the snow was the icing on her cake. It may not have been among the most beautiful or snowman-worthy snows ever, but it was the first time she'd ever played in it so she didn't mind. (That's a happy face in the picture below, in case you were in any doubt.)

We were glad we took advantage of this fun right after breakfast, because it was mostly melted by lunchtime. Such are the fleeting pleasures of this life, I suppose.


  1. This happy little face brought to mind an observation and word of encouragement: It's good for a child to grow up in a home in which he/she has the opportunity to watch the step by step progress of long-term projects, the fruits of labors that have been borne of vision, commitment, sacrifice, talent, tenacity. How rare it is these days for people to know the sense of personal satisfaction that comes in creating something with one's own two hands, whether that product is a home improvement project, the harvest of a garden, a hand-written and heart-felt letter... Parents are their children's first teachers, and your little girl is learning important lessons here that will benefit her throughout her life. When we ourselves have taken part in a creative process and seen it through to fruition, we appreciate and respect much more the work that others have put into their own creative endeavors. Remember this in those fleeting moments of discouragement that go along with any worthwhile endeavor and forge ahead.

    1. Well that is just a beautiful comment. Thank you!


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