Then (2008):

- Lath and plaster removed to reveal original log walls underneath; logs repaired
- Window replaced
- Ceiling joists strengthened
- Poorly constructed/unsafe addition removed (the part you can see through the window)
- Floor plan rerouted

And now:

Okay, so it looks worse now... but hopefully not for long.


  1. I don't actually think it looks worse now. I mean, forgetting the ceiling - if you just removed the construction materials and plopped a rustic table in there, you'd be set and it's such an improvement on what you started with (that former room had no character!).

    1. Thanks! A big part of the current ugliness is the chinking between the logs -- once that is done, it will be a lot better. And yeah the ceiling... we got a few more rows done since this picture was taken, so we're on our way!

  2. Oh, your old room had character alright, and what bad character it had. You two are right on track. Will you whitewash the pine boards? Also, I don't remember the faux mantal from before. What's the deal with that?


    1. The faux mantle was just there to cover up the brick chimney that we exposed. I don't know why they put a mantle there when there was never a fireplace there to begin with. They could've just closed up the wall and forgotten about it (as they did with a whole staircase that we uncovered in this same room...)

      We do plan to whitewash or paint the boards. We're a little bit country, a little bit modern in these parts. Can't help ourselves.

  3. That looks like progress to me! Love it and what you all are doing to the house.

  4. it is so much better with the original log walls........you can actually see the past and the future !


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