The kitchen island got a little makeover recently. (I'm talking about the wood bar top on the back, not the mess underneath...) Now we have a place to sit in the kitchen, which is really handy since our dining room is still a full-blown construction zone.

The wood slab was actually cut from an old library desk my dad salvaged from my high school alma mater during a recent renovation. It was cut to size, sanded a bit and slathered with food-grade mineral oil. Some scratches and nicks are fully visible, and that's how we wanted it -- full of character and remnants of its past life. (We don't plan to use it as a cutting board.) Ez attached it to the back of the table using a bracing system of his own design. It's very industrial looking, but it works -- and it's the perfect bar height.

We also put a coat of light-colored stain on the range hood, which we don't particularly like. The test boards we used turned out beautifully; sadly, the effect didn't replicate on the actual hood for some reason. Oh well. I don't know yet what we'll do to remedy it, if anything. I'm hoping we'll just get used to it... I think finishing the trim will help.

Anyway, back to the island. As this instagram pic shows, Johnnie unexpectedly loves it and would really prefer to sit on a bar stool (the center one, specifically) to eat her meals if I let her. Which I don't (as you can see from the second photo, taken while she ate dinner last night...) The thought of her falling off the stool and onto the concrete floor is more than I can bear, so it's a very special treat for her to sit there with us. The first time we let her, we looked at a magazine together. Now she asks for a book every time, a habit I don't mind indulging.

Slowly, this place is becoming a bit more comfy. We have a long way to go, but developments like this one are really helpful in making this house feel more like home.


  1. EK:

    S's addition to the island is pitch perfect!

    From here, the vent hood wood seems to match the beam nicely.

    Babies do bounce, just not very well.

  2. Inch by inch, as they say.

  3. Very nice! I like it.

  4. This looks awesome! And I'm loving the history!


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