Last week, instead of bumming around on the internet with the rest of you, Johnniegirl and I went to Florida with my mom and cousin for a fabulous girls-only long weekend. (This was the trip we were supposed to take back in April before my mom got the flu.)

I was going to blog the "after" photos of the garage while I was down there, but I didn't have wireless access and the weather was just too sunny for computing anyway. Also, Johnnie took awhile adjusting to the change of scenery and routine, so any activities beyond being directly up in my business were off limits most of the time.

So we are back, and this week has been a giant mess of playing catch-up and getting ready for the next big round of craziness (house projects! work travel! in-law travel! husband travel!). I also came home to discover that the bizarre tornado-y weather Maryland had while we were gone destroyed about 90% of my vegetable garden with golf-ball sized hail and also downed the enormous pine tree behind our house. Fortunately the thing didn't fall on the house, though that has been a secret dream of mine for a long time (not when anyone's in it of course.) That is still in the cleanup phase, thanks to Ez and the neighbor boy who both love any excuse for using a chainsaw.

Now for the good news: House painters come tomorrow to Crabby Apple this place into oblivion after two years of us waiting around for busy schedules and uncooperative weather to throw us a bone. We are so ready to cross that off the list. I can't wait to see it all done, and of course to show you guys too. You've waited long enough.

Happy weekends to all!

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  1. Deborah EJune 23, 2013

    I love when the women in our family get to have a little time away WITHOUT the men.........so much more fun! Especially at the beach.............

    kudos to you and your women family!


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