The door on the left (to the right of the chimney) leads into the master bathroom,
and the door on the right leads into the closet/laundry/office area.
There's a man name Jack (not pictured, so you can stop searching for him like Waldo) hanging around our house today, and probably for the next week or so as well. It's unusual for us to pay someone to do a job we can do ourselves, but we are paying Jack to install the pine plank flooring in our master suite (and possibly some other woodworking jobs too). Ez and I have laid hundreds of square feet of flooring by ourselves in the past and did a bang-up job, but as it turns out, this particular job is not one we can do ourselves after all. The prohibitive factor right now is not skill, but time. I would say it's all Johnnie's fault, and that's mostly true (homegirl needs to be fed, bathed, read to and tickled frequently, after all), but business travel and general DIY weariness are also holding us back.

We're ready to finish this house, refinance it and start treating it like a home rather than a project. So we're sucking it up and calling for reinforcements. We need help and Jack needs work -- hey. Everyone's happy. (Especially me!)

The plywood wall will be covered with drywall, and that's where our bed will go.
(The plywood is for extra structural support.) The doorway in the center/corner goes into
the hallway where Johnnie's room and the guest bedroom are.
Anyway, the photos. This post is sort of a 360° view of our master bedroom in its current state. In a matter of weeks, it will hopefully look a lot different (and by different I also mean better). Like I said, Jack is currently working on installing the unfinished flooring throughout the master suite. That's hooray #1. Then we have a few tweaks to make before the drywallers come. That's hooray #2. Then it's all finishing work from there -- staining and chinking logs, staining/finishing the floor, painting, installing light fixtures, etc. You know, the fun stuff Pinterest is made of.

Note: Normally, the drywall would go in before the flooring, but the Amish guy who mills our wood is retiring, that selfish jerk, so we had to hoard all the wood ASAP before our source ran dry. Consequently, there's wood piled up EVERYWHERE in this house right now, and no amount of scooting it around would make room for the 50 sheets of drywall we also need to bring up to the second floor. Hence doing things slightly out of order. (I'm only willing to climb over so many mounds of building materials in a day.)

Hopefully no major hiccups occur and we can breeze through these next phases without incident. While spray foam insulation is totally rad stuff, it's not meant to be looked at for as long as we've been looking at it. (FOR. EV. ERRRR.) Though I've got Johnnie's big girl room on my mind, I'm ready to move into my own big girl room too. (Ez is also invited.)

More to come, folks!


  1. Standing on the edge of a big change!!

    1. Here's hoping it doesn't take long to get to the other side!

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    No offense but I can't make envision this at all. More power to ya, lol

    1. Hopefully within a few weeks, when all the walls are in place, it will make more sense. (To all of us.)

  3. good luck! I know it will be awesome when it's finished!!

  4. Deborah EJuly 31, 2013

    How exciting............soon you will have a MASTER SUITE...........SIGH.


    1. "Master suite" sounds too fancy, doesn't it?


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