Johnnie's second birthday is just a month away, and while I'm partially in denial that she's not a baby anymore, it's getting pretty hard to ignore her big girl-ness. Especially when she says, "Imma be TWO, mama. I blow out the candles. Cake and ice cream, mama!" and then clacks her sippy cup against my water glass and says, "CHEERS!"

Nope, not very much baby left in my baby.

Hence, the brainstorming for Big Girl Room Stuff has begun. Johnnie still sleeps well in her crib and has only tried to climb out of it (to my knowledge) once, so I know she's not quite ready to ditch it just yet. However, that day is coming. We know she doesn't like her crib mattress, and who would? Per the American Academy of Pediatric's specifications, it's literally firmer than the cardboard box it came in. After a couple months of finding her scrunched up at one end of the crib, using her pillow as a mattress (don't tell the Academy!!!), we recently threw her a bone and found a softer mattress pad for on top. It's still not great, but she can at least snuggle in and stretch out a bit more. She's also getting more and more independent, and the one time she tried to climb out of her crib it was because "I do it myself."

Why can't she be more independent when it comes to things like making dinner or folding clothes?

All of this rambling is to say I'm not in a rush to transition her to a real bed, but I feel it coming. Call it mother's intuition. Or my husband constantly lamenting that his precious daughter only has a thin tuft of cotton batting between her and a concrete slab. My mushy mom-heart is getting ready for another milestone in my daughter's continual progression of growing up and resenting me.

Anyway. We'll keep most of what's in there like the dresser I refinished and the vintage medical cabinet, just swapping out the crib for a bed and adding some new art and details. The plan will probably change along the way, but this is what's on my mind for now (clockwise starting with the bed):

  1. MINNEN extendable bed. IKEA, $149. Adorable, inexpensive and, from what I could tell in the store, very sturdy. Anyone have experience with this bed? Does it hold up well?
  2. Metallic dot decals. Etsy, prices vary. What two-year-old girl wouldn't want a metallic dot explosion on her wall? I've been seeing this trend on blogs for awhile, and I think it's an adorable idea for a kid's room. 
  3. Vintage Blossoms postcard set. Rifle Paper Co., $18. I love these prints, and the colors go well with the little quilt her Gramma made for her. I think they'd be a cute addition to her room, framed and grouped on the wall. 
  4. Speckled tassel garland. StudioMucci on Etsy, $35. Tassles are the new bunting, after all. 
So that's that. I'm going to go hug her now, just because.


  1. I don't want to think about Johnnie already turning two. I remember your pregnancy and her birth and now that I have my own little girl, I don't want to realize how quickly the time goes! :) The bedroom ideas are adorable though. Simple and fun and perfect!

    1. It was hard not to wish away the sleepless nights and the washing of pump parts during the baby stage, but I have tried to truly enjoy and soak up every phase of her little life so far. Sometimes it feels like eons ago that I was pregnant, but other times it feels so recent!

  2. That bed is super cute! I'm shocked it's from IKEA.

  3. AnonymousJuly 26, 2013

    Love that bed!

  4. How is she getting big so quickly? This room will be awesome! I lvoe the bed and the details! You have such an eye for design!

    1. Thanks! Too bad things never quite turn out in real life as they do in my mind... all the more reason to keep practicing I guess!

  5. Deborah EJuly 29, 2013

    I have 3 of them.......lined up in the attic room for the granddaughters. They do not get a lot of use. I have also had adult guests sleep in them. We got the IKEA mattresses that are like a puzzle. Use fewer pieces for the smaller configuration of the bed more pieces for the larger. It is REALLY comfy.

    I like the flower prints you are considering....so cute!

    1. Thanks so much for your input on the bed! I wasn't sure if we should skip the transition stages and just put a twin mattress on it from the start, but now that you've said the IKEA option is comfy we'll have to check it out. Anything has to be more comfortable than a crib mattress!


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